Changchun automobile electronic industry cluster

Personnel services, the Changchun High-tech Zone relying Jilin University, Northeast Normal University, and related training institutions jointly established the Automotive Electronics embedded software industry talent training base, more than 800 corporate orientation training automotive electronics embedded software development talent. Changchun High-tech Zone has been formed as the main enterprise, government, universities, research institutes, Key Laboratory of intermediaries such as innovative service system, multi-stakeholder involvement and innovation and efficiency is significantly improved.

Changchun City attaches great importance to the automotive electronics industry cluster construction, the establishment of the Leading Group of the development of automotive electronics industry, the introduction of the Changchun City, support the development of strategic emerging industries, “and” long-term investment to encourage extra-territorial enterprises to new motor vehicles and rail passenger car core components supporting enterprises preferential policies, the field of automotive electronics as a key support areas of support for key technology and device development.

To promote the construction and  Junkyards near me development of automotive electronics industry cluster, the Changchun High-tech Zone is specially set up a special development fund of 50 million yuan a year, the automotive electronics industry, for supporting the support of technological innovation, intellectual property protection, talent introduction and training, investment and financing.

Vice Mayor of Changchun City, Changchun High-tech Zone, director of Sun Yaming clear ideas on how to further accelerate the Changchun High-tech automotive electronics industry cluster development: One is to increase the policy and funding support, strengthen policy support for the development of industrial clusters.

Special funds to the creation of enabling the development of industrial clusters, particularly to support the development of strategic and emerging industry clusters, industrial clusters, especially strategic and emerging industry clusters tilt to speed up the pace of Changchun Hi-tech Zone of industrial agglomeration. Is necessary to improve the evaluation index system, improve the Changchun High-tech Zone to guide the optimization car dvd player and upgrading of industrial clusters.

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